Texas Hold’em Poker Tips and Strategy


Different articles talk about how you can emerge a breakeven Texas Hold’em player. All you need do to a master in this game build on the preflop strategy.

This game is dependent on luck and a bit of skill. However, the key ingredient to becoming profitable is to bring good play to the game street.

In this article, I take you through some tips and tricks into preflop Texas Hold’em play.

Half of the advice I will offer here will be applicable in either limit or/and no-limit Hold’em. I will also make sure to highlight either one of them where applicable to each tip.

I have also outlined helpful tips to strengthen your gameplay when playing Texas Hold’em both in offline and online casinos.

Texas Hold’em Poker: Raise or Fold

Ensure to always raise or fold when you are the first player to play.

When you are dealt a bad hand, fold immediately.

Where you are not comfortable with the move, then don't make the mistake of calling it.

Most time, players get carried away with emotion, and these kinds of players lose money quickly. The trick is never to chase luck. Always wait and apply logic even when you have a bad preflop. You would be surprised to find your opponent has worse.

A Typical Example

You have 56 suited, and a flop result to A-10-5. Then you hit the flop, leaving you with a pair. You should consider that at least one of the other players probably has a 10 or an ace.

When this isn’t the case, they most likely have a lower pocket pair, which is, in some cases, still more valuable than your pair of fives.

If you happen to be dealt a good hand, raise immediately to keep your opponents on edge. They will be tempted to fold and increase the pot size. This allows a good hand a chance of claiming the pot.

Where your hole cards are strong enough, you can become the better hand on the flop where or not you miss it entirely.

If Someone Calls, You Need a Bigger Hand

There is a great advantage of raising quickly when you are the first man in the pot. This is because you can quickly pick up blinds.

If another player has made a call before you, this will be the time to cajole another person into folding so you can immediately pick the blinds.

What if you have a handful of players who have already made calls before you? This is even more advantageous since you can pressure more players to fold.

Ultimately, this implies that you must have a stronger hand if you decide to raise.

It is also good to note what potentials your opponents have while playing at live dealer casinos.

Focus intently on the opponent's card type. This will enable you to have a clue of his or her starting “weapon.” This, in turn, lets you make better-informed moves

If Someone Raises, You Need an Even Bigger Hand

The notion of raising or folding stronger hand preflops can never be overstated.

Players can’t have any problem with folded hands preflop. The same thing is applicable even if they re-raise with preflop.

You can only encounter problems when preflop happens with raised hands since they need to know where they sit on the flop.

In most cases, however, you are going to miss the flop.



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