Strategies for Winning Ezugi Jackpot Roulette

When playing Jackpot Roulette, there are two choices. A player can choose to use the conventional methods of betting of even-money or going at full-speed the desired jackpot.

Despite what you aim to achieve, you need to ensure there is a modification to the betting strategy you choose.

The common ground between the two methods is that they can help you make a great gain when playing the European roulette wheel. This was Ezugi’s intention when it manufactured the supreme release.

Importantly, the RTP (return to player) has been projected to meet up 97.30%, which is the industry standard and can be referred to player-friendly.

Sustainable Wins

When you play any progressive jackpot game, only two choices are available.

Any online casino player there for the fun will rather opt for the even-money bet since these types of bet give them the chance to wins in the long run. Although, the expected win might be quite small.

A good bet type when you intend to have sustainable wins is to use any of the following:

  • Red or Black
  • Even or Odd
  • Manque (1-8) or Passe (19-36

When you play this, your odds of winning are at a 50% chance, which means you can easily rely on this bet. To help you keep your bankroll intact, use any of the combinations of these strategies:

  • D’Alembert
  • Martingale
  • Paroli (this operates just like a reverse Martingale)

Using those combinations can assure you wining streaks at a regular pace.

Speeding Things Up

If this is your method of gunning for a win, then you have also chosen wisely. For this, you should consider reading these tops tips to ensure you win at progressive jackpot games:

Play Jackpot Roulette as If It Were A Progressive Slot

One of the things you can enjoy is the Ezugi live casino game since it is a roulette variant. It is no longer news that games of chance have their ways of going against players. To ensure that doesn’t happen, you must ensure you are playing wisely and put in mind that the casino always wins.

There is hardly any chance of predicting the outcome of a progressive jackpot slot. If you start it believing you will have the upper hand, you might be utterly disappointed.

It is, therefore, wise to remain calm as you continue playing this game of chance like the pro you are

Hold on Till You See the Maximum Value

It is best that you watch out for the total of the current jackpot. This can be found on the upper left-hand side of the screen. The higher it goes, the higher the values will go. This value can be found above the dealer.

When it gets to the amount you desire, then it is wise to place your bet. If you intend to hit the maximum jackpot, you will need to raise the stakes higher. Therefore, you should ensure you have a considerable balance, which will be useful in getting you to the finish line.

At this point, it is important that you are calm. Ezugi’s Jackpot Roulette is not recommended for newbies.

Play Smaller Jackpots When Doubtful

If you are not convinced to play, it is best for you to pass. If you play when your gut feeling is saying something else, you will feel bad if you lose. This particular jackpot is mostly hinged on the player’s belief.



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