QTech Partners With Spearhead Studio

QTech Games has maintained its position as an Asian top distributor as well as other growth markets, through its new partnership with Spearhead Studios, a great supplier.

The term of the deal provides that Spearhead has handed Qtech Games access to its advancing portfolio. The company has now made more than 25 slots and table casino games available for its players including the hottest games such as Wilds of Wall Street.

Qtech Games’ partnership has given it the chance to integrate content from a studio known for its innovation and creativity, indicating that the company will be known for more level of creativity, making it one of the major contenders for the top positions alongside other great companies like Ezugi and Yggdrasil.

Optimization and Expansion

The game client for Spearhead Studio has optimized its games for the mobile version. This can be considered one of the channels that became the core of Qtech’s RNG model. It was founded through an independent and customized platform with enough technicality to afford companies involved in providing and operating the quickest means of integrating these platforms.

With this single platform that is now known for its world position of being a one-stop-shop, the integration will also enable clients to enjoy the great performance and support from the customer care. It has created local customer care agencies at all the regions in all the different markets available- greenhorn and mature.

With this agreement, Spearhead Studio now has the chance to widen its international influence, getting access to such places as Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin American to get a diverse audience.

Statement from QTech Games

Qtech Games’ Chief Communication Officer, Ulf Norder stated that the organization is committed to providing the best content that will help in generating new means of revenue for its partner. To do that, its agreement with Spearhead Studios will help in the expansion of its wide-ranging pipeline for 2021.

He believes that the modern marketplace requires that people with only the top portfolio are easily discovered. Thus, the organization is excited at the way Spearhead Studio has brought satisfaction to their demand.

Statement from Spearhead Studio

Also talking about the partnership, Spearhead Studio’s Managing Director, Mathias Larsson stated that Spearhead aims to change the face of the online casino by ensuring it create games that are targeted at a local audience.

He believes that QTech Games has provided the right platform and vision to ensure this happens. Taking the company as a partner, Larrson stated, is a great opportunity to boost the distribution of their products throughout emerging territories, where they will be the vehicle for their numerous games aimed at top partners. They are eager about the connection that will brew between the company and they hope to expand details of the partnership as they both get a clearer view of their need.

Talking further, Larrson said that QTech Games have ensured their company evolves with the world of customization by ensuring they stick to their brand’s promise, which obligates them to ensure high-quality content for players of diverse background. This has helped them evolved into a game platform that can catch the interest of different types of players, even in emerging markets.



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