Play’n GOs Online Video Poker – 4 Fun Games

If you are an online slot player you have certainly heard about Play'n GO. They are one of the most successful providers of online games and they offer a huge variety for you to choose from. We want to take a look at four of the favorite online casino games you might want to play – chances are, you've already played them. They are Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, and Jackpot Poker.

Jacks or Better is available in nearly 40 different languages. You can play this online slot on different apps including your Mobile. The video poker game allows you plenty of time to determine if you want to keep your straight or discard some cards and try for an even better hand.

If you know how to play poker then you know how to play Jacks or Better. It has simple rules. After you place your bet you receive your five cards. Save what you want. If you like your three Aces, save them! Discard the other two. Hit deal and you will receive your two replacement cards. Now you have your playing hand and hopefully, you will rank high and your win will be big. If you want to take a little risk, go for it! You can multiply your prize by playing the gamble bonus five times in succession whereby you have the chance to win up to 1,000 coins. This is where the fun really begins!


The next Play'n GO game is Deuces Wild. When you win remember there are special prizes when you get a hand of five of a kind, a Wild Royal with 2s, or four deuces. You might drain the slot of all its money but don't worry – you can continue playing as long as you want as these slots never run out of money.

Deuces Wild is played like Jacks or Better. The one big difference is that 2s are wild. Just imagine, you are dealt one 2 and two kings. You dispose of two cards. The dealer presents you with two more deuces. You can bet your five kings will greatly reward you. And, just like Jacks or Better, you have the opportunity to use the gamble bonus round for up to five times in succession. This hand is going to bring you some major winnings.

After these two video poker games, you will undoubtedly want to play Joker Poker. Similar to the previous two games this slot offers the joker on many hands. Sometimes the joker will show up several times to make your winnings even larger. Again, when your reels hit, you have the option of the gamble bonus round. You can play it up to five times in succession. How many times will you win the limit of 1,000 coins?

Once you start playing Joker Poker you will find it difficult to stop as the joker just seems to invite you to play again and again. You can go online immediately and start playing this game that is so fun.

Jackpot Joker, another slot from Play'n GO can make you a big winner. Find your favorite app, find a comfortable chair, sit down and prove your luck. This game is played similar to the previous three games. It also offers a gamble bonus round. Since you have the chance to play five times in succession, with a limit of winning 1,000 coins, this slot can really end your day in a very big way!

Play'n GO is an exciting leader in online games. No doubt the future will bring some online games we can only dream about. Stay tuned!



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