Pixies of the Forest Slot Review

See…Pixies! But with a disbursement rate of 94.90%, you'll have to be persistent to grab them in Pixies of the Forest. Isn't it interesting? Their lavish fairy gold won't vanish by the dawn.

Do not be deceived by this slot's attractive theme – it is not meant for the weak-minded folks. With five reels and ninety-none paylines, Pixies of the Forest is well-suited for the serious bettor that desires entertainment with a side assisting of perspective huge wins.

It is not the most challenging hitting IGT game out there, but we can't dismiss the fact that it is more difficult to play than other cascading reels such as the Betsoft's Rook's Revenge and Gonzo. One step upwards, you'll not see wins some wins, but it is understandable because these pixies do hide.

An Attractive Theme

Pixies of the Forest is undoubtedly one of the most attractive casino games out there in the market. Some of its features are implicative in its position as one of the best. First, it has well-designed and attractive graphics and themes. Whether it is the stunning forest glade background or it is the beautiful temptress pixies that appear fanciful to you or even the background pixie laughter that tingles periodically, you'll find it almost irresistible not to smile back as you play this game.  

Eccentric Fairy Fun

If you believe that this game's theme is a bit too wonderful for your taste, it is better to check again. What is the reason for this? You guessed it right, the tumbling reels! It is one of the IGT games out there that contains this feature. Most gamblers who played this game prior attest that it is better than free spins. It paves the way for greater wins because winning symbols becomes substituted with new symbols when the winning symbols vanish without any additional cost to the player.

Include a decent all-out win, free spin bonus benefits that is four times as valuable as the main game, and some impressive video graphics that stops at nothing to keep you excited, and you'll certainly not want to come back home again.

In-game Bonus Features

  • Tumbling Reels: All the combinations of winning symbols disappear from the reels resulting in the replacement of symbols tumbling down from the top. You can potentially have numerous cascades forming a long line of wins, but the tendency to end at either 1 or 2 is almost always certain.
  • Free Spins Bonus: Men, this bonus is one to reckon with. It'll make you four times richer than what the major game offers, and you can even win every one of your spins. Include it to your tumbling reels, and you may be tempted to think that you've got just ten spins left.
  • Wild Symbol: This is arguably your best companion in this game as it creates those amazing tumbling reels that most players cherish. Wild symbols appear on the second, third, and fourth reels in the main game, but you'll see it on all reels creating huge wins if you play on the free spin mode.

Closing Thoughts

And with brilliant features, enticing gameplay, and stunning graphics, this game might just be one of the most interesting games you played hitherto.

Wining in this slot game takes a bit of patience, and the payout may not come like every other similar slot with tumbling inclusions. Yes, you'll not become an overnight millionaire playing this game, but what is sure is that you'll have the opportunity to go home with a decent win if you play the game well.



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