Overview of MPN poker rooms

MPN is a site about online poker. It has multiple poker rooms and offers many tables and tournaments. Here's some information about the site and its partners.

What They Do

MPN works with poker rooms. They are the ones who interact with players. MPN started as a company called Prima Poker. They started out in 2003. This means that the site is one of the longest online poker companies on the planet.


The site is based on the Isle of Man. They are only accessible by those over the age of 18.

The network gives out a guaranteed 3 million per month for prize money. They make sure that the casino in poker games they have to remain extensive and are even swapped out regularly to make sure that gamers stay entertained and engaged with everything they do. The network works with poker companies running rooms for maximum variety and versatility in a unique combination that's unlike what many other places do.


Games that are available through the Microgaming Player network include Blaze Poker, for example. This is a cash game that you play with many other players and it moves quickly. The players are seated before each hand in a random set. This means that every hand you p[lay will be with different players. If you have a bad hand and don't want to wait around, you can do a “Quick Fold” in order to jump to a new hand against new opponents.

You can quickly fold whenever you want and you don't have to wait around for a hand to be over or even to bet first on the round first.

Another game available here is called Heads Up Blaze. This lets you play one other player from a pool of eight. If you fold, you can get cards right away for playing against a new player in the pool. You can only get into each pool one time, however.


Microgaming is based in the U.K. and they are the main developer for online gambling, including one of the companies that support MPN. They have slots, live casinos games.

Overall, it's a site with a lot of exciting possibilities both for gamers and for those who want to facilitate gaming. The important thing is to keep an open mind and try out the new possibilities available.



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