Online Casinos – The Live Dealer Mistakes

Online Casinos have become more fun ever since the live dealership was introduced. Since the dealer is human, he may sometimes make a mistake that could cost you your win.

Most casino dealers were once casino players who decided to take up the job to learn about what happens behind the curtain. During the heat of a game, a dealer can make a mistake. Let us find out the reasons why below.

Why do Live Dealer Mistakes Happen?

So many reasons could be responsible for a live dealer mistake. The software on which the casino game is being played could develop an issue, or maybe one of the parties is yet to update his own to the latest version, there could be some interruption in the game.

Another thing that could cause a mistake is the internet connection. Suddenly, the network could cut one party in the middle of the game. The dealer may not have control over these two scenarios, though.

Mistakes to Watch Out For

Dealer Mistakes: Misdeal

This occurs when the person assigned to copy the cards ends up calling out an incorrect number or not shuffling them correctly. If you notice this, pause and don't be in haste to do anything. Assess the factors around then act accordingly. An example of a misdeal is when a dealer ends up dealing with a card face-up. In such a scenario, allow him to finish dealing with the cards, then the wrong card will be replaced with another.

However, in some live casinos, they may insist on a total reshuffle, and this won't be funny for a player who already git in AA and ends up losing the chance of earning big due to another person's carelessness. Well, if you find yourself in that scenario, accept it in good faith and move on to enjoy the rest of your game. A good understanding of the betting rules is recommended for an amazing gambling experience.

Dealer Mistakes: Connection Delay

A lag in connection with the player can lead to a reshuffle. For example, the dealer might have revealed the turn card before the player pressed on the flop. Since the card has been revealed, the dear will have to separate it from the other cards and make a complete reshuffle. Sometimes, the number of cards affected may be more than one.

Shuffling Error

Most players anticipate the shuffle process in a blackjack game. Since the shuffling is being done by humans, they are not perfect, so mistake sometimes happen.

Dealer's Cheat

Most bitcoin casino dealers are well trained to pull off unfair cheat games within split seconds. For example, he might have a card in his shoe and pretend that a card he was about to deal with fell to the ground. While picking it up, he switches the cards and deals with the card from his shoe to himself. You don't want that to happen to you, so keep a close eye on the dealer and watch for any suspicious move.



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