Online Blackjack or Live Blackjack? The differences

Blackjack is regarded by many as a popular casino game for people to enjoy, especially in some English-speaking countries. A lot of people have enjoyed the way everything would play out in the table game, from the French deck to the number of cards used in a game, and it has been a favorite among many gamblers since going as far back as 1601. The game has been on the table for many years, but like many things in the world, it has been seen online, where gambling has also been getting attention lately. While some may not like having to use technology to play the game, some find it great to challenge other players from different locations or to have someone to play with when no one else is around. With that being said, here are the differences between playing blackjack online and live:


Much like many other games that have online counterparts since the rise of the Internet, blackjack remains a game that many online players still choose for some good fun with friends across the world. The Random Number Generator serves as the card dealer in the game. The benefits of playing on Blackjack online include sitting wherever players like to hang out, having no distractions for them, playing at their own pace, and not having other players mock your way of playing.

Usually, the house edge tends to be lower online than in a live game. Multiple online casinos have at least a few versions of blackjack for players to have fun with, especially when there are more options than live blackjack has to offer as well as being a lot faster to try out than in real life. Overall, for players that are more used to playing blackjack on the internet than in-person, then this game is great for them to delve into, especially with the options and multitude of live tables.

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Live casino games are still not dead, because there are several players that want to play their favorite games with their real-life friends, and blackjack is no exception. With other people in the same area, it’s good to have some drinks, food, and enjoy the atmosphere if it looks luxurious. The rules made in the online version of the game still apply here. Those looking for a game can have a much faster cashout speed, though not every place will have that.

Now that the overview for each version of blackjack is covered, let’s see how the online version of the game works in terms of their pros and cons.


Always available for players to make their game

Many more versions for players to try out

Stake limits are lessened

House edge is much lower

Practice and full play versions available


Not a live casino.

Takes more time to receive winnings.

All in all, there is a lot that can be praised by many about online blackjack. While it’s not replacing the enjoyment that the live version provides, the online version of the game can still be worth trying out for a different change of pace, all with the convenience of location and having to play with other players from different places to boot. It’s worth noting that taking advantage of a welcome bonus should be done in order to get more deposit than without it. In short, there’s a lot to like about trying both versions or sticking with one, but no matter what, playing a bit of blackjack is still great on all platforms, so never be shy with giving either version that has yet to be tried out a shot.