New Speedy Casino Games from Evolution Gaming

It’s a whole new world and it makes sense to make sure that the new live casino games of this world are in line with the world’s new principles. The world is becoming faster and more convenient, and that’s exactly the kind of games that are coming out to match it. Here’s some information about this development.

The Benefits of Playing Evolution’s Fast-Paced Casino Games

There are frustrations when it comes to old-school casino games in contrast with the new stuff. For example, the old games tended to have long pauses as people made their decision about what to bet, or as players stood in line for new games. There were ha hundred little pauses to deal with along the way. However, the new live casino games from Evolution have added a lot more excitement and speed to keep things lively.

Lightning Dice

This game is based on three pairs of die. The purpose of the game is to see which total the dice are going to show at the end and to try to guess this outcome. Players make their bets and then the dice are rolled down an elaborate, brightly lit tumbling machine. During this event, lightning will strike one of the totals, and then you’ll end up with a multiplier that goes up as high as 1000x. The game runs in 18 seconds for placing bets, so it is definitely fast-paced to a great degree. It has live chat and live dealers. You can also play it on mobile and the table limit goes up to 500 pounds. There’s no side bet here, however.


Infinite Blackjack

This game is played with a single hand. Again, it has compatibility with mobile. In this case, you actually can do side bets. There’s also a high RTP of 99.51%. This is one of those games that has that “one-to-many” features where there can be as many players as want to get in on the action at once. There are 8 decks in the game and you can make up to four side bets. These side bets include the Hot 3, Bust It, and others. The cards are dealt when the dealer puts them on a slot in the middle of the table so it can be scanned and then come up on screen for players.

Speed Roulette

Speed Roulette uses the single zero variants. There are no side bets here, but it is possible for players to use it on their mobile devices. Players can cover more than one number on the roulette wheel by looking in the Racetrack region of the game. There are 25 seconds between rounds available here, so the game speeds along.

Dream Catcher Evolution

This game has a huge wheel that the live dealer will spin. The payout rate goes all the way up to 40 to 1. The wheel can select a multiplier though, which will multiply bets. The goal is simply to pick the right number that comes up on the big wheel.

Lightning Roulette – Evolution

This is a roulette game that has the lightning multiplier that hits certain numbers which can increase how much people can win by as much as 500 times. Again, there are 18 seconds between rounds, so the game should move along at a quick pace.

Overall, players will enjoy the fast pace of these games.



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