New generation of Microgaming table games – Roulette!

A New Era in Online Roulette: Microgaming's Innovative Release

Casino aficionados, the world of online gambling is about to change! With Microgaming's newest offering, prepared exclusively by Switch Studios, get ready to experience roulette like never before. The Indian casino scene, especially at, is buzzing with excitement. Here's why.

Microgaming's Roulette Revolution

Roulette, one of the most classic casino games, has been revolutionized by Microgaming. This new offering, crafted exclusively by Switch Studios, promises to redefine online table gaming.

  • Launch Spectacle: Switch Studios made its debut at SiGMA 2018. It showcased impressive demonstrations of sophisticated mobile-optimized interfaces.

  • Immersive Experience: This game allows players to dive deep into the world of roulette. With a 3D roulette wheel and true-to-life ball behaviors, every spin is a thrilling journey.

Design & Interface: Sleek and Modern

Roulette's design blends modern aesthetics with a classic casino feel. This unique combination ensures an unparalleled gaming experience.

  • Accessibility: Designed for both desktop and mobile gaming, players can place bets effortlessly.
  • Features Galore: Roulette boasts an array of features like favorites, racetrack bets, and special bets. The modern design ensures a seamless gaming experience across all available games.

Player-Centric Features

Microgaming's Roulette is not just about aesthetics; it's player-centric to its core.

  1. History Access: Players can view spin result histories.
  2. Alternative Layouts: Players have access to different board layouts for bets.
  3. Special Bets: The “favorite” feature enables players to save preferred betting options or access pre-selected bets, streamlining the betting process.

Gameplay Video

Since 27th March, this feature-rich game has been available to Microgaming operators. It provides players a fresh, modern spin on classic casino gaming. The response? Overwhelmingly positive, with countless players returning for more.

Words from the Creators

David Reynolds, the game publisher for Microgaming, believes Switch Studios aims to infuse innovation and style into online table gaming. Tom David, the head of studios at Switch Studios, echoes this sentiment. Their goal? To offer fans an enhanced classic table game experience. The sophisticated features, modern settings, and appeal to the casino player market make this game a standout. Their future looks bright, with Blackjack slated as their next big release.

Summing Up

Microgaming's Roulette is more than just a game; it's a revolution. With cutting-edge features, impeccable design, and the backing of industry giants like Switch Studios, it promises to reshape the online gambling landscape. For those seeking a modern yet classic casino experience, this is it. Dive into the world of online roulette like never before, only at

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  1. Who are the creators of this new Roulette game?
    • The game was developed by Switch Studios exclusively for Microgaming.
  2. What makes this Roulette version different from others?
    • It offers a unique blend of modern design, player-centric features, and a mobile-optimized interface.
  3. When can players expect another game release from these creators?
    • Switch Studios plans to release their next game, Blackjack, in the near future.


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