Live Baccarat Squeeze By Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming’s Live Baccarat Squeeze has a creative concept behind it. The casino game allows players to be involved in the squeeze which is the most personal play in the game.

Online baccarat players love the thrill that comes with anticipating their final card. This is because the result of the final card is the major determinant of the outcome of most hand and wagers. So it gives the players an extraordinary feeling.

Advantages of Playing Baccarat Squeeze

Below are the benefits players stand to enjoy when they play this game:

  • The game HD cameras allow online players to feel the emotion when the card is displayed.
  • The players can interact and communicate in real-time and directly with the dealer.
  • The game offers online casino players an exciting gameplay experience.

Players can use the guide below to learn how to play this game in the best online casinos in India. There is also information on the basic rules and strategy behind live dealer baccarat squeeze.

The insight we provide here gives players an edge over the house when they learn and master the game’s tenets.

How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat Squeeze

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can play this game

Place your wager

The least bet allowed by the house rules guiding Evolution Gaming for Baccarat Squeeze is $5 while a player can bet a maximum of $35,000.

Cards Get Dealt

After a player has placed his bet on the banker, tie bet, or player hand, the live dealer will bring out 2 cards for the player hand, after which he will produce 2 more cards for the banker's hand.

There is a third card drawing rule that applies to the game whereby each hand will get a stand pat or a third card.

Compare Hands

The third card of the hand with the highest overall wagers will be squeezed in front of about seventeen high definition cameras with a complete close-up view and zoom capability.

This will result in a movie-like experience as the card gets squeezed. Players enjoy the ‘sweating’ action associated with this because it is almost like the one they would have seen in a mortar and brick casino.

Start Over Again After Getting Paid

After completing the drawing round, the hand with a total closest to nine is declared as the winner. The live casino dealer will then recover all the cards on the table and place them in the shuffling machine.

Players can start wagering their next bets to mark the start of the next round while the shuffle is going on.

Live Baccarat Squeeze Payouts

There is a paytable scheme that players must follow in all standard Live Baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze is not left out. All wagers in the game are usually settled via this paytable scheme.

You might have noticed that the standard five percent commission fee which is attached to all winning banker bets is included in baccarat squeeze too. This commission is usually charged because there is a higher chance of winning on the banker bet than the player bet.

For instance, if a player bets ten dollars on the bankers hand and lands on eight natural to beat the banker's hand six total. Such a player will get a $9.50 payout instead of $10. 



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