How to play Sic-Bo for beginners

Do you not know how to play Sic-Bo, what with all it’s rules and strategies? If you’re like most people, the answer is no. If you have ever wondered what the live casino game is and how to play, then continue reading. Sic-Bo, also known as Tai Sai, or Dai Siu, is a game that was formed in ancient China. It’s most similar to an English game called “Big Small” and is similar to a game like Grand Hazard or Chuck-a-Luck. Here I will show a few tricks and tips to help you learn to increase your chances of winning. Remember, this is gambling, and you can lose it all.

If you’re ready, let’s begin. The game of Sic-Bo is played with three dice, and players place bets on the Sic-Bo Table. This game is hard and fast, and if you like games like Craps or faster-paced games, you’ll love Sic-Bo. How you win the game is to bet the outcome of the dice roll correctly.


The first thing you notice is the Sic-Bo table has all the combinations or lack thereof. This table is where you place the bets before the dice are rolled. This aspect makes it like Roulette, in that it is entirely by chance. The most troublesome issue for the new player is the number of combinations; with only three dice, the outcome of possible combinations is 18. Now, do you, as a beginner, want to bet big or small. This bet will be your first choice. The most straightforward bet for beginners is named “Big or Small.” This play means that if you bet BIG, the number will be between 11 and 18. The opposite bet is SMALL, where the roll will be ten or less. Simple in theory, right? You have a 50/50 chance of winning, so logically this is the best bet for newbies, right? No, when dice roll the same number, it is a bet on the Sic-Bo table, and you lose all your stake.

Next, you can bet on a single number. As the name implies, you bet on a unique number. For example, you bet on a single number, and you chose 6. The dice roll and one die show 6, you’d win 2:1, if two dice show 6, you get 3:1, and if three dice roll 6, you will get paid 12:1.

Double Numbered is next, logically. If you bet double number, it’s a little trickier. In this case, if you chose a number and you must select a specific number, it must appear at the end of the roll, and the number appears on only two of the dice. In the simplest term, the number must appear on two of the three dice. The payout is 10:1, so not a bad bet to win.

Another bet you can place is a “SUM” bet, or a Specific Number to be rolled. For example, on the board, a sum of 4 pays 60:1, so if they say add up to 4, you win. You would need the dice to roll 1, 1, 2 to win, which is rare and why the payout is so high.

Now that you know the basics place some bets and win some money. Although the game is deep than written here, if you love to gamble, this game is for you. Good luck and play smart. You are right to presume it has a variety of betting and combinations; this may make it difficult for newbies to learn. As with other games of chance, and to borrow from another gambling game, “It takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.” The table awaits.



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