How to Play Craps Using the Betting Systems

One of the great gambler games is craps. This live casino game is played by rolling a 7 to 11 or pass line bet, and 2 to 6 or don’t pass line bet. Players must figure out which they want to choose, and see what system is right for them. 4 systems are popular today including Hedge Betting, The Rothstein System, The Watcher System, and The Hot & Cold Betting System. This blog will cover how to play each system.

Hedge Betting

Hedge betting works by having the players bet on both the pass line and any craps. This system was created to make sure that players risked less while playing craps. This looks good on paper, but statistically, this is a mess. Simply betting on the pass line for 36 straight rolls will allow for 8 wins, 4 losses, and 24 no results allowing the player to win double their bets. However, this system uses both the pass line and any craps so while in the same amount of rolls the winning rolls jump up to 12, but the losing rolls also jump from 4 to 24. That’s why this system is statistically flawed.


The Rothstein System

This system works by placing a unit bet (defined by the roller could be $10 or $100) on the pass line, and if the player wins, they gain a unit and bet one unit again. However, when they lose they double the units and add one more unit. For example, if a player loses the first time using this system, their next bet would be 3 units, and if they lose again, then their next bet would be 7 units. This is done until the player wins, and is flawed, but statistically better than Hedge Betting.

The Watcher System

This system is played by cautious players who don’t want to lose much. The goal with this system is to win $10 a day and quit playing. They will sit there and watch the game until the shooter rolls 4 consecutive passing rolls. Then the player will then jump in placing a $10 bet on the doesn’t pass line. While the odds of a successful roll are 31:1, the statistics don’t back this theory. A roll is unpredictable and is guaranteed a 54% 7 to 11 rolls, and a 46% 2 to 6 roll. This is betting against the luck of the shooter while also betting against the percentage. These players can lose and do lose 54% of the time. However, when they lose, they simply double the bet and go back to don’t pass again until they win, or they hit the max cash line.

The Hot & Cold Betting System

This system is by far the best method of all the above lines and is based on the shooter's performance. If the shooter is hot and wins a pass line, then the players using this system will bet on the pass line thereby trying to ride the hot streak. If the shooter is losing, then they will bet on the don’t pass line. For example, if the shooter rolls 7 or higher, the player will bet on the pass line. If the shooter gets 2 through 6 and loses, the player will then switch their bets to the don’t pass line. The players using this system are trying to ride the streak of the shooters and can rake in a lot of money. The one flawed thing is that the house has a total on the don’t come bets that neither win or lose. If it weren’t for the total from the house, then this system would be the best one to play.



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