How Playtech is Redefining Gaming World through Riga Studio

Playtech — the biggest and the most efficient online gaming platform — is now in Riga, Latvia. In the last 26 month, their Riga Studio has redefined the gaming experience in this locality. According to the management of Playtech, the decision to put a live gaming studio in Latvia was to give the players in this locality a new gaming experience, better value for their money and more importantly security while playing.

 How has Playtech revolutionized the gaming world?

The first and the most significant contribution the gaming software has introduced to the gaming world are — safety and security. The gaming entity continues to the industry’s reference point in terms of security. According to Playtech, the player’s information is critical and making sure that this information is not accessible by a third party, is one of their obligations.

The gaming company continues to invest in better and advanced security options. The company also understands the importance of safeguarding payment options. All the available payment options are highly encrypted. The encryption ensures that all the interactions between the Playtech and the gamer are safe.


Second, the gaming company understands the importance of diversification. First, Playtech is the first company in this niche that has games and casino options — that can work on multiple browsers and multiple gadgets without compromising the player’s security. Playtech is also one of the few gaming platforms that have various payment options.

According to the management, the main reason why this platform has multiple payment options is to ensure that the player has numerous ways to access money while playing. The diversification has enabled the platform to accommodate people — both seasoned and new casino players — in its platforms.

Finally, this platform is home to numerous high-end casino gaming options. These gaming options make this platform the future of the gaming world.

What makes Riga Studio the future of gaming and casino?

  • The player’s views and opinions are highly appreciated

Playtech is arguably the only gaming platform where there is a specific department for receiving and acting on players’ opinions. According to the management of Playtech, the gaming platform believes in a player-centered platform. Some of the factors that the studio has changed include the following. Over the years, Playtech has been on a journey to simplify user interface — without losing the authenticity and security of the platform. These policies and policies adjustments have given the players a chance to continue enjoying casino on the best gaming environment.

  • Riga Studio is user-friendly

In a typical playing casino, it is impossible to find user-friendly playing spaces. Riga Studio is one of the few casinos that have multiple and safe lockers. According to the management of Playtech, the decision of investing in high-quality locker spaces was to give players an added comfort while playing their favorite game. Unlike the mainstream locker spaces, Riga Studio lockers are large enough to accommodate more people with more personal items. The policy of investing in a secure and an ample locker space was purposely to solve the perennial problem of security in casinos and more importantly — the safety of personal and valuable items.

  • Riga Studio is home to the latest technology

Did you know that this casino is the first ever casino is this locality to have a modern and highly responsive Mission Control Center? According to Playtech, the decision to invest in a modern and highly responsive mission control center was to give players a chance to play any time, any day — without structural restrictions. The Riga Studio is the first and the only place in Riga where you can spin and enjoy your gaming experience — any time, any day. In order to improve transparency, the studio also has the best and the latest monitors for easy follow-up when playing.



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