Hard Rock Receives License for London

The Hard Rock company has existed since 1971 and originally opened cafes around the world. It was only in time that the group started opening casinos. Since that moment, the company has laid a steep course of success. What is new is that Hard Rock International wants to settle in London. 

For this, the company has received a license to take over the closed casino The Ritz Club Casino.

However, this is not the only news that is currently published about Hard Rock International.

Current Information about The Ritz Club Casino

Last year, The Ritz Club Casino in London was surprisingly closed. 

This casino was opened in 1998 and was considered one of the most popular and luxurious casinos in the world. 

Celebrities like Al Pacino and Johnny Depp were welcomed as guests in this hotel. 

All the more surprising came the public news on March 19, 2020, that the casino would temporarily cease operations. 

At that time, the casinos were not yet closed due to the Corona Pandemic.

On June 9, 2020, members were informed via email that the casino would no longer be opening. 

This news not only came as a surprise but it was also met with dismay. 

Although it was already known at the time that the hotel was no longer turning a profit and the then owners David and Frederick Barclay invested eight million pounds to still save the hotel and casino. 

Already since 2016, the casino resort was not making a profit and the loss at the end of 2018 was 8.9 million GBP.

The lack of profit was the official reason why The Ritz Club Casino closed even before the first lockdown and did not reopen afterward. 

The gambling industry is all the more pleased that Hard Rock International applied for and received a license.

Hard Rock International Wants to Expand Online Range

However, the new opening of The Ritz Club casino is not the only new information related to Hard Rock International. 

Hard Rock entered into a joint venture with former The Stars Group executives before receiving the license. 

Former chief Rafi Ashkenazi is also involved in this merger. 

This merger was sought to expand Hard Rock's existing online offering. 

So far, this company offers a blackjack app and online slots. Also in the mix is online betting.

The newly formed company will be known as Hard Rock Digital. 

This company is also looking to expand further and plans to collaborate with Seminole Gaming, which has a customer base of more than 130 million players. 

The only thing that seems strange is that these are customers of land-based casinos. 

How online gambling is to be expanded with these players is more than questionable.

Online Expansion Planned Worldwide

Another former TSG employee is to help drive the online sector worldwide: Marlon Goldstein, who is also on the board of Tekkord Digital Acquisition Corporation.

The purpose of this company is to acquire several digital gaming providers. 

This could lay the foundation for the expansion of the online sector.

The focus is not only on the worldwide expansion but primarily on the stand in the USA. 

The new plans include the following targets: A market share of 7 billion in the sports betting sector and 14 billion for the online casino sector. 

To realize these goals, Hard Rock wants to create an omnichannel offering. 

To achieve this, contracts have already been signed in the past with Gaming Innovation Group and Scientific Games. 

All of these are positive foundations for further expanding the success achieved so far in the online sector.



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