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Who wants to wait a long time for their money? That's right, nobody. When you withdraw your money from a casino, it would be nice to have it in your own account as soon as possible. And this is where online casinos with the fastest payout come into play. The fastest payout casinos have namely the great advantage that you have your money already in a few seconds or minutes at your free disposal. 

In this article, we’ll have a look at the average withdrawal speed in online casinos in 2021 and the fastest payment methods for your next casino withdrawals!

Average Withdrawal Speeds

Payouts at online casinos and of course mobile casinos have become faster and faster over time. Before E-Wallets like PayPal or MuchBetter, payouts usually took about five days. And then it took another three to five days until the money was then actually in your bank account. That was long before the SEPA standard, which limited transfers to one business day. From these up to 2 weeks payout time quickly became less and less. Finally, online casinos also know that players value getting their money quickly.

Meanwhile, in classic casinos, you usually get your money after about four business days. However, only if you are already verified or because of the low amount of the payout (yet), no verification is necessary. 

The Fastest Payment Methods

The speed of the payout also depends on the respective selected payment method. It is clear that a transfer to a credit card takes longer than to a bank account. And the payout to bank accounts longer than to an E-Wallet, where the payouts can take place virtually in real-time. These are becoming more and more popular with online consumers, therefore look at the best payment methods for a fast payout:


PayPal Casinos are of course a classic here. The special thing about it: payouts from the online casino are not only theoretically available immediately, but you can also make further purchases or payments immediately using the credit on the PayPal account. If you want to have the money in the bank account, you have to debit the money again at PayPal and have this only after a few days on the account.

It is also positive that the payment comes from PayPal and not from the casino. Thus, the house bank does not immediately get from the, unfortunately still often negatively considered, passion for gambling. In addition, you can also bypass the house bank completely. Most online merchants allow payments via PayPal, so you can use the winnings directly.


Yes, even the legendary Bitcoins can now be used as a means of payment in many casinos. Bitcoins are also a good option for payments in the casino. The great advantages of Bitcoin are that the payment takes place completely anonymously, is posted within a very short time, and in addition, does not cost any fees. Since all transactions are largely anonymous, online casinos that offer bitcoin payments have to be very careful about verification to avoid money laundering.

Moreover, only very few online casinos offer deposits and withdrawals with bitcoin. And many of them are not exactly reputable. So be careful and check carefully if the Bitcoin casino also has a valid license. You can do so by checking out the best Bitcoin Casinos on Casinoble!



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