Ezugi’s Baccarat Super 6: How to Play

Baccarat Super 6 by Ezugi is a very interesting one to play. It's not the same as the regular Baccarat version as it incorporates a Super 6 side bet. The side bet makes sure that every gamer has more chances of winning. Additionally, their Super 6 side bet arrives with fantastic 12:1 odd.

Baccarat Super 6 Details

One can stream the Baccarat Super 6 live from the live studio of Ezugi that's located in Colombia. This casino game alone has three tables in the studio, and you can fully stream every one of them in HD.

Additionally, this game has more features that make it unique when you compare it to others. Firstly, you can play Baccarat Super 6 24/7. With this, anytime a gamer joins, the person can play this live game inside a live casino.

One other thing that gets people attracted to the game is that there's no limit to the number of gamers that can play it, and that's something every gamer loves to hear.

Additionally, live dealers of great experience lead this game. They ensure that players play every round as smoothly as possible. The players mostly tip them because of that.

Ezugi just allowed the feature to tip dealers in Baccarat Super 6; it's a very useful feature players use. Lastly, just like other games of Ezugi, Baccarat Super 6 has been entirely regulated and licensed by the Curacao eGaming License Authority. Even with this license, RSG-Eclipse, ItechLabs, SCG-Bulgaria, and BMM also verified this game.

Baccarat Super 6 Game Features

In this game, gamers can make five bets anytime they play. They include the three major game bets, then the 2 Super 6 side bets.

The major game allows gamers to bet on the potential outcome of Tie, Banker, or Player. 1:1 is odd that backs both the Banker and Player, while 8:1 is odd that backs the Tie.

Gamers can make five bets anytime they play Baccarat Super 6. These bets include the three major game bets, then 2 Super 6 side bets.

In the major game, every gamer can bet on the player's expected outcomes, Tie, or Banker. Backing the Banker and Player both arrive with 1:1odds, and backing the Tie arrives with 8:1 odd.

Nevertheless, the major game isn't the reason Baccarat Super 6 is what it is. What makes the live casino game this unique is it's super 6 side bet. The side bet arrives with very impressive odds, which is 12:1 and maximizes payouts immediately.

It isn't the easiest side bet you can get because its expected RTP is around 70%. Nevertheless, players can be tempted because Super 6 could happen. In a situation where the Banker wins with six in Baccarat Super 6, all gamers get 0.5:1 odds.



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