Betting on Horse or Semi-Horse in Roulette

As with many activities and hobbies, knowledge is key. When it comes to playing roulette in an online casino, the most important thing is to educate yourself and discover systems that will help you get more profit, such as horse betting or semi-full bet in roulette. 

This system is used by many players and can often fit into your strategy because it allows you to double your chances of winning for every chip bet. Let's find out more about this method here on Casinoble!

What is a Horse in Roulette?

A horse bet in roulette is also known as a semi-full bet. This term comes from the full bet, where you only bet on one number, with the variation that here the chip covers two numbers. This doubles your chances of winning, and therefore reduces the payout to half that of a full bet.

To place your horse bet, you simply place your chip on the table between two numbers. In other words, you place your chip on the dividing line between the two squares that make up the adjacent numbers.

After all, the horse roulette method can bring us a very succulent profit since each winning chip is linked to another chip on the table. We risk more, but we also win more.

Methods of Playing Horse in Roulette

There are two methods of horse betting. Betting on black horse finishes (with one more variant) and betting on red horse finishes.

Black Horse Ends

This form of play only combines knight bets on the black squares. As the table is made up of three columns, interspersed with red and black squares, we must exploit the adjacent black squares in each column. Therefore, with 5 chips you will cover the horses 8-11, 17-20, 26-29, 10-13, 28-31. In total you bet 10 numbers out of 37 and have a 27.02% chance of winning.

There is also another variant of the black knight finals bet, where we do not follow the columns when placing chips on the black squares, but we can also place a knight between horizontal black squares. In this way, we would add two more pieces to the previous method, those covering the numbers 10-11 and 28-29 horizontally. Therefore, in this variant our 7-chip bet on black knight ends would be the following 14 numbers: 8 and 11, 10 and 11, 10 and 13, 17 and 20, 26 and 29, 28 and 29, 28 and 31.

Red Knight Endgames

This modality is similar to the black knight finals method. If we look at the columns of the table, we will see 5 black horses and 4 red horses. To place this bet, we have to place 4 chips on the table covering 8 numbers. In the first column, one between the numbers 16-19 and in the third column three chips between the boxes 9-12, 18-21 and 27-30. The main feature of betting on red horse finishes is that we can get a higher profit by betting fewer chips.



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