Betsson Extends Yggdrasil Partnership to YG Masters Program


Betsson, is a leading operator in the international online casino gaming scene. It recently leveraged its long-standing relationship with Yggdrasil to join her YG Masters program.  This program had been growing rapidly for some time now, and Betsson finally decided to get into it. This new partnership affords Betsson the privilege to access, distribute, and create content for their gaming products. They will do this through the Yggdrasil GATI revolutionary technology.

For Yggdrasil YG Masters, this new agreement stands as a major milestone reached. This is  because it is the first event where an existing partner shows interest in the program. Betsson isn't just a partner but a very trustworthy ally of Yggdrasil over the years.

What Does Betsson Gain From The Deal

Betsson, on the other hand, due to her vast experience, coupled with their operating success, they will seize this privilege to churn out fabulous contents. The partnership became a reality after the team of experts at Betsson realized that it was time for her to extend her tentacles to other people and parts of the world.  Yggdrasil network is very extensive, so Betsson content will gain significant reach.

This partnership wouldn't have been possible without the GATI technology and still promises to speed up global distribution and value creation. After all, what good is a product if it will still suffer a  distribution bottleneck?

GATI is a pre-designed and customizable development tool. It allows game and studio developers to apply standard technology for game development and distribution to any part of the world.  This implies that YG Masters partners can build and distribute content on an international level to increase revenue.  The Yggdrasil module provides a standard interface and large reach.

Masters partners who are integrated with GATI gain access to the well-established Yggdrasil playback network and the rapidly growing YG franchise network. Masters, along with GATI, are a whole new way to aggregate games.  New game development and distribution is much faster and much less complex than the traditional models.  It is a revolution, and Yggdrasil is very proud to bring Betsson onboard into their Master's list.

Betsson is also one of the leading brands in sports betting and games in Europe. Having been in the games industry for over five decades and with numerous brands in various markets.

What The Head of Yggdrasil Partner programs Had to Say

Stuart McCarthy noted that Yggdrasil is delighted to improve her already blossoming relationship with Betsson further into the YG Masters program.

McCarthy also expressed joy that the great milestone of onboarding an operating partner into the new program has been reached.

He further asserted that Betsson, as a long-term partner, has grown to believe in their service at Yggdrasil. He also said they believe in the impact that UG Masters will have on brands like Betsson and other iGaming developers. With GATI technology, the growth of the Yggdrasil global distribution network will surely be sporadic.



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