Bet on a good time with American Roulette and European Blackjack

Introducing Microgaming's Newest Offerings

Ever wondered what the next evolution of online casino gaming would look like? You're in for a treat! Microgaming, a leading name in the industry, has introduced two breathtaking games that promise to revolutionize your online gaming experience: European Blackjack and American Roulette. Crafted with precision by the seasoned hands at Switch Studios, exclusively for Microgaming, these games epitomize the future of online casino entertainment.

European Blackjack: A Fresh Take on a Classic

Dive into the world of European Blackjack, designed not just for the seasoned pros but also the curious beginners. Here's what it brings to the table:

  • Visually Stunning Interface: A sleek and modern interface seamlessly combines with top-notch visuals, ensuring a gaming experience like no other.
  • Revolutionary Game Engine: Say goodbye to glitches. This game promises smooth gameplay enriched with vibrant graphics and adrenaline-pumping animations.
  • Endless Gaming Options: With features like insurance, split, and double, you'll always have something new to explore, ensuring the game never feels stale.

American Roulette: A Spin Like Never Before

If you thought you knew everything about Roulette, think again. American Roulette, another gem from Microgaming, is here to challenge and thrill:

  • Realistic 3D Interface: The game boasts a 3D roulette table that's as close to the real thing as you can get online. The realistic ball movements further amplify the authenticity.
  • Tailored Gaming Experience: Track your bets, save your favorite betting strategies, and even access a special board for advanced bets – all designed to enhance your gameplay.
  • Adaptable Gaming Mode: Whether you're cozying up at home or traveling, choose between portrait, landscape, or a mix of both. Play your way, anytime, anywhere.

Optimized Mobile Experience

Perhaps the most impressive feature is how these games are optimized for mobile devices. Whether you're an iOS aficionado or an Android enthusiast, you can experience the thrill of these games without any compromise on quality. Pick a mode, landscape or portrait, and let the games immerse you in their world.

Exclusive to Microgaming Operators

Remember, these state-of-the-art games can only be accessed through Microgaming operators. The introduction of European Blackjack and American Roulette is a testament to Microgaming's commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in online gaming. And trust us, this is just the beginning.

In Summary

Microgaming has done it again, blending innovation with classic gaming. European Blackjack and American Roulette stand as testament to what's possible when technology meets passion. Players in India, gear up for an unparalleled online casino experience.


  1. Who developed the new European Blackjack and American Roulette games?
    • They were developed by Switch Studios exclusively for Microgaming.
  2. Are these games available for mobile devices?
    • Absolutely! Both games are optimized for a superior mobile gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy them on the go.
  3. Where can I play European Blackjack and American Roulette?
    • These games are exclusive to Microgaming operators. Ensure you're playing on a platform powered by Microgaming to access them.


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