A short history of Texas Holdem Poker

What are two things Americans are known for? Working hard and playing even harder! Let’s talk about one of America’s favorite pass times, no-limit Texas Holdem!

Back in the early 1900’s work took a toll on the body. Fun was had around a bar table with a nicely creased deck of cards and a refreshing beverage while trying to wind down from a hard day’s work. Of course, the game was just called Holdem up until the late 1960s when it found it’s way to the Vegas strip. That’s where it became Texas Holdem a strategic “thinking man’s game”. There are a few rumors as to which casino it actually made its debut but a few short years later and it was popular enough to be presented at the first ever poker tournament that would later be known as The World Series of Poker. Over the span of twenty years, it went from being a little known card game from a back ally casino to being one of the most popular tournaments for the high rollers and anyone else brave enough to try their hand.


Texas Holdem was the it-game and apparently, everyone wanted their chance to sit at the table. 1988 was the year for California card players. The card rooms got the green light to deal after it was proven that Texas Holdem was nothing like the prohibited game stud-horse. Those depending on Lady Luck would learn quickly that only skilled players could walk away from this table a winner. Californians weren’t the only ones introduced to this amazing game of skill. It was also published in the first ever gambling strategy guide book Super/System. To this day it is viewed as one of the most influential books of the game.

Thankfully the world that we live in today doesn’t make it a requirement to go to Vegas, California or even Texas to enjoy playing this intense game of cards. With the invention of the internet, this card game is proving a very valid point. We are creatures of habit. What has entertained us has not changed very much over the course of one hundred years. The tools in which we choose to play, however, have evolved. You can play Texas Holdem from the comfort of your own home at a live casino, chilling on a bear skinned rug or sipping salty drinks by the seashore. We’re taking No-limit to a whole other level!