A Review of Ezugi Teen Patti

Teen Patti is not the regular game you will find in your everyday land-based casino. This game is more likely to be ignored by European gamblers, many of whom have never heard of it. This reason for this can be as a result of its origin, India and its main marker, which had always been Southeastern Asia.

Nonetheless, the 3 Card Bag is a popular game that a lot of Europeans have interacted with. If you are familiar with Card Brag, then you can easily flow with Teen Patti because they use the same format. While the game can also play like three cards, some other people refer to it as Flush, 3 Card Poker or even call it Flash.

Teen Patti is broadcasted live through Ezugi from its flagship studio located in Romania. Thus, if you are not finding it easy to get to their lobby, you simply need to Poker Section, where you will find it.

Teen Patti is always available and comes with several side bets that can be used aside from the possibility of gaming betting. A traditional Teen Patti can allow 3 to 6 players, but if you are trying to play it online, you get the chance to join the unlimited number of gamblers that will be playing it.

How to Play Teen Patti Online-Version?

Teen Patti is basically a comparison of cards. Here, online casino players are made to compare the cards in their hands against those of the dealer. The better with the better hands wins.

The players can use only a deck of cards, which will be rid of Jokers. After every game round, there is always room for the shuffling of the cards. Thus, before the dealing of cards, players are enjoined to place their Ante bets.

Afterward, the dealer will have to deal three cards for the players, ensuring they are facing up. And opposite these open cards, the dealer will drop another set of three cards. After this, the player can then act by either folding their hands or deciding to play or deciding to place another bet of the same value range as that of the ante. Thereafter, the dealer reveals his card and the players compare their hands. Anyone with the best 3 cards is declared the winner.

With Teen Patti, you get the chance to get paid higher for the odds and get more odds when you use any of their side bets. You are looking at figures rising to 1000:11. There is a chance of getting a payout of 30:1 when you decide to wager on Pair or Better. If your bet is on three of a kind, you have the chance of getting 40:1.

Why You Should Play This Game

  • This game comes in the duo languages of English and Hindi, making it easy for dealers that want to interact with their customers.
  • The streaming is always available.
  • Availability of two side bets
  • Designed to be used with Flash players for desktop and HTM5 on mobile.

Wrap Up

Teen Patti might be different from other games but its acceptance into the market has given rise to several lovers of the game. You can easily master the game if you see it as a simplified version of poker.



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