The Biggest Winners In Baccarat History

Many people have seen Baccarat as a game for high rollers. Because of that, very few people bat an eye when they hear of people winning thousands of dollars. While we may be slightly jealous of the winnings, the amount itself may not be too surprising. Over the past few decades, however, baccarat has been becoming increasingly more popular; as such, stakes at many competitions and casinos around the world have been getting steadily larger.

Because of that, there have been a significant amount of winnings that have crossed into six figures, with the occasional seven figure winnings. While the majority of large baccarat winnings have been over $100,000, there have been a few notable instances that make that figure look like pocket change. With that in mind, there have been a few significant occasions where people have managed to take home an awe-inspiring amount.

Billionaire Bigshot

People who typically have a large amount of money to lose at a baccarat table are typically called whales. In the 1990s, one of the most significant of these whales was billionaire Akio Kashiwagi, who had been playing the game for several years with a certain degree of success. Despite being considered a baccarat whale for years, Kashiwagi managed to get lucky and win big during one particular game that netted him quite a large sum of money. Kashiwagi had been gambling $100,000 and $200,000 hands for several hours before finally managing to strike lucky. And how much did he walk away from the table with? An easy $6,000,000 and a reputation for one of the largest wins in baccarat history by that point.


Biggest Loss Ever

It can take a lot of bad luck for a casino to lose money over a few months constantly. When it comes to the Crown Casino in Melbourne, however, they managed to have a continual amount of bad luck when it came to their baccarat games. This eventually resulted in the casino losing $55,000,000 in baccarat games in less than a year. While the majority of this was spread out across a countless amount of people, there is one anonymous person who managed to win big in the Australian casino during that period. While not much information is known about the winner, what is known is that he or she managed to walk away with an easy $12 million with just one win. Not too bad for one day’s work.

World Series Winnings

The World Series of Baccarat has been gaining more and more popularity over the past few decades, with the competition’s jackpot fluctuating somewhat during this time. Having said that, however, there have been several occasions when a World Series winner has walked away with a staggering amount of money. Chief among these is the case of Lin Haisan, who entered the World Series Baccarat Championship in Macao in 2015. Widely known as a skilled, or extremely lucky, player, Haisan managed to make his way to the finals with ease, and then promptly took down each of the other finalists. By the time he walked away from the table victorious, Lin Haisan was HKD100 million, or $12.9 million richer, making him the record holder for the largest winnings in baccarat history.

Baccarat games in casinos, as well as competitions, can cost a significant amount of money just to enter with no guarantee of winning. However, online casinos have been steadily rising in popularity over the past few years; while they mightn’t be offering winnings in the millions, they do cost a lot less to play in, while still offering the chance for some pretty sizable jackpots. Combined with how easy they are to play, this can explain why many online casinos are thriving.