Best Movies About Gambling

Hollywood is a palace where anything is possible.

Literally anything.

So, a combination of filmography and casino isn’t such a weird combination after all.

Risk-taking, women, money, and action is everything Hollywood needs to ake a good film.

Many of those have even won an oscar.

A palette of characters who fight and the good guy-bad guy contrast is enough to provoke the casino world and make it a great source of movie inspiration.

So, what are the most popular movies that are related to gambling and money?

Let’s check them out!

The Color of Money (1986)

Martin Scorsese is among the most exciting directors in American history, and naturally, it’s not a surprise that this movie happened on this list.

The Color of Money is a movie about an experienced guy named Eddie Felson (Paul Newman) teaching a young yet rebellious boy about the art of the pool game.

Tom Cruise is the rebellious boy who never listens to anybody, and of closure that this movie is good.

Paul Newman even won an Oscar for this.

Through their ups and downs, the movie has a great drama that not every movie can have.

Young and old hustlers, ready to take on the world!

the color of money movie

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Who doesn’t know Ocean’s Eleven?

The famous George Clooney and Brad Pitt are ready to tale on the action of the movie with a little gambling.

The spirit of Vegas is present because all you can feel is cockiness and money in this movie.

There is no rude or inappropriate behavior, just gentlemen who know how to enjoy life and aren’t afraid to show it.

But, behind that glory and shiny things, there is a criminal that needs to be caught and only the Eleven can do that.

Gangster’s business, really! 

ocean's eleven movie

Casino (1995)

There is all the money, greed, and power in this movie that you can imagine.

A typical De Niro movie where he, along with the famous Joe Pesci takes on the movie.

There are lots of casinos (I mean, just look at the title of the movie), drama, trickery and murder between two best friends, and it’s only the beginning.

And of course, there is the typical girl that everyone has their hands over her. Sharon Stone is the actress behind her.

Martin Scorsese directed this one as well, and as you can see, it still is among the top movies of all time.

These movies are the gambler’s classic that you really need to watch.

robert de niro in casino

As soon as possible.

George Clooney and Robert de Niro are only a few of the many fantastic actors who decided to make these movies as good as possible.

It’s definitely worth a shot, believe me.

You can and will learn something from them! 



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