The Best Movies About Blackjack

When most people think of casino, they think of blackjack.

It is considered one of the most famous and classy casino games around the world.

Players like blackjack due to its simple rules and ease of play.

Additionally, blackjack can bring excellent earnings with no effort, tactics, or expertise.

It is all matter of luck or good fortune.

Due to its spread, blackjack is featured in numerous movies.

Top 5 Movies Featuring Blackjack

In continuance, you can find our list of top blackjack movies that are recommended for every casino or gambling fan.

The Hangover

As one of the most famous American comedies, the Hangover is certainly worth the watch.

The movie features four best friends that go on a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

The plot happens when they wake up the following day and cannot remember a thing.

Additionally, the groom is gone.

His friends believe that he is held hostage by an Asian gangster who requires $80,000 ransom money.

To raise the money, Alan, one of the groom’s friends uses his skills for counting cards which he acquired from “The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book”.

He manages to win at blackjack, and this scene is considered iconic and funny ever since.

the hangover


The movie stars Robert De Niro, or Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a gambling expert.

His role is to oversee the activities in Tangiers Casino, located in Las Vegas.

Due to his background, he can spot numerous cheaters and double the profits of the casino.

The other character is Joe Pesci or Nicky Santoro.

His temper interferes with his role, leading to more harm than contribution.

Anyhow, they manage to catch the players spooking at the blackjack table.

Spooking, a form of cheating is when one player stands behind the dealer and informs his partner, or other players, at the table.

robert de niro in casino


An American cult film presenting the lives of four single and unemployed actors from Hollywood, California.

The movie takes place in the 1990s when the revival of the swing took place.

The main focus is on Mike Peters, a young comedian seeking fame.

Unfortunately, his life takes a tragic turn and his friends try to get him back on track.

What a better way than do this in Vegas?

Once they arrive in Sin City, they explore the world of gambling and present the issue of blackjack odds.

Their main dilemma is whether or not to double down on 11 each time they can.

 21 – Twenty One

21 is a heist drama about fellow students and their professor Micky Rosa, who become experts at card counting.

The operation begins when Rosa recognizes his gifted student Ben Campbell and decides to include him in the team.

Ben seeks to enter Harvard Medical School but is not financially able to do so. To cover the tuition fee, he decides to go to Las Vegas with the blackjack team.

All students are brilliant minds and manage to earn significant amounts of money by using signaling and card counting.

But once they get used to luxury, they start to face more obstacles and dilemmas.

a scene from twenty one

Rain Man

Rain Man is a comedy-drama depicting the life of Charlie Babbitt and his brother, whose existence was unknown to Charlie.

Once his father passes away, he meets his brother in a mental institution.

When the brothers connect, they decide to go on a road trip.

The trip includes Las Vegas where Charlie aims to win at blackjack by counting cards.

The movie combines the true meaning of family with the intrigue of gambling tricks and card counting.

All in all, countless blackjack movies are both educational and fun to watch.

However, our list of recommendations is narrow, and therefore of great quality.



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