Steps to Playing Ezugi Live Jackpot Roulette

Despite being acquired by Evolution in 2019, Ezugi keeps producing high-quality products. The company recently introduced a progressive jackpot as a  boost of its newly launched addition to its roulette games. This Jackpot Roulette came into existence as a result of their new partner, Blue Ribbon Interactive, an unconventional jackpot games company.

Jackpot roulette is created in adherence to the philosophy that Ezugi used in the provision of customized service. The company’s progressive jackpot uses flexible pattern, which the operators can offer as time-limited prizes or even create an event around.

Alongside the chances of hitting the jackpot, the organization wants to ensure their latest addition is also classic. To effect that, Ezugi ensured that it used a standard European table, where the wheel has a single zero pocket. The implication of this is that the bitcoin casino players are used to the layout as well as the betting option. All these are placed within the great interface that allows you to enjoy the whole experience.

How to Play Live Jackpot Roulette

When you want to play the Live Jackpot Roulette by Ezugi, it is advisable to use one of their live casino platforms, where the game will be loaded.

You should know that it can be introduced by an entirely different name and can be placed at any time. When trying to play, you will be followed by a human dealer, who will pick a seat near the roulette wheel. Here, you will see a virtual betting layout popping underneath the video.

Each player is given 15 seconds to bet, in such a way they only need to select the chips and place them on any of the fields available for better. You have the chance of using your previous bets by simply clicking the reset button.

Camera Views

One great thing about this casino game is that you get to view the table through two cameras. One of the cameras is focused on the croupier as well as the wheel, from the front. The second view will help in capturing every action from an aerial view of the wheel. This way, you can easily get a clearer view of the ball as it lands in any of the pockets.

You get the chance to bet on the standard ways that people bet such as Even/Odd, Column/Dozen paying 2:1 odd, selecting from either number 1-18 or 19-36 ( this has been known to pay even more), as well as line bets that is sure to give you 5:1 odd.

Reasons to Play This Game

  • Grand croupiers who speak fluent English and create a comfortable ambiance.
  • Comes with a revamped UI
  • Features two angles from its intuitive cameras.
  • Informative with the availability of game history as well as that of stats. It also has information about recent winners as well as Hot/Cold numbers
  • Chance to win the jackpot
  • It uses HTML5 technology that allows it to be played in any view mode on mobile- landscape or portrait.


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