Reasons Why Table Games are Green in Casinos

What is the color of money? What is the color of a stoplight telling you to drive forward? What is the color of card table games in casinos? If you answered green you are correct. Casino card games are green for several reasons.

When you visit a casino you will discover that there are seldom any windows. You will practically never find a clock hanging on the wall. You might have a difficult time locating a restroom. There are reasons for this. Every casino has taken great care in planning their casino. Their designs have been such to keep you, the player, inside their walls. Every little detail has thoroughly been thought through to help the casino reach its full potential. The bottom line is that they want you to spend your money. The bottom line to this is that every casino wants to make as much money as possible. Through the years they have determined that green is the best color for their card tables.


Just remember, the next time you enter a casino you are discovering a world where each part of the environment, from restrooms to restaurants, to the casino floor, has been designed and arranged to help the casino to have the best opportunity to make the most amount of money as possible. No, the casino is not trying to manipulate you, the casino just has everything located as it is for specific reasons.

Still, why are the tables completed in green? There are intentional reasons the casinos have selected this color. There are psychological reasons. The reasoning behind choosing the color green for the casino card tables is based on color psychology. This is because green offers a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Green offers a feeling of stability. It is also the balance of the warm colors – yellow, orange, and red, with cool colors – blue and purple. The combination of colors helps a player feel comfortable when sitting down to play a game of poker. Otherwise, the same player might feel somewhat intimidated sitting in this small, confined space surrounded by strangers.

It is also a fact, in Western culture, that green represents prosperity and wealth. In Eastern culture prosperity and wealth are represented by the color red. It is also known that green is linked to financial security. Financial spreadsheets, as businessmen know, display their profits in the color green. Of course, banknotes are the color green. This gives the player the feeling that green is all around us. They want you, the player to feel it is alright to gamble your money. They want you to be filled with positive feelings that you can win big at their tables when actually you might be making them bigger winners.

Another interesting psychological fact is that casinos use baize material on their tables. This material was originally used on snooker tables. The texture slowed the balls and this aided the tactical side of the game and maintained a smooth flow. The material was made to look like a grass lawn after it was dyed green. Later the material was placed on poker tables and other games to assist the dealer to slide the cards to the players.

It is believed that baize was also used when illegal card games took place. It allowed the players to use chalk to write on the table. Therefore, if the police interrupted the game the chalk would be wiped off eliminating any evidence that a game was taking place.

What we all want to do is be a big winner in a casino causing the “green with envy” attitude.



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