NetBanking Online Casino

Want to try an online gambling site for complete fun and enjoyment, but wondering about the payment methods? How about NetBanking Online Casino? Do not worry. If you are a complete beginner, this guide is for you. You will learn here about the instant bank casino.

You will get thousands of online casinos to give you enjoyable gameplay. But to play with real money, you need the best payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals for playing at these casinos. From Paytm to GPay, PhonePe, NetBanking, you will get a multitude of payment methods. In this post, we will discuss the NetBanking online casino payment method that is quick and easy to use for casino players. Dig into it to learn how to make payments for gambling at the best casino sites easy for you.

Online casinos with NetBanking

1Genesis Casino India

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2Casino Planet

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🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

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3Casino Lab

🎁 30,000

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4Spinit Casino

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5Vegas Hero

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6Casoola India

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Which are the best online casinos with NetBanking?

The best NetBanking casinos are

  1. CasinoCruise
  2. CasinoLab
  3. Genesis
  4. CasinoJoy
  5. Kassu
  6. Sloty
  7. CasinoPlanet
  8. Spinit
  9. VegasHero

What is NetBanking?

An electronic payment method where customers can do financial transactions through the website is known as NetBanking. It is also popular as the internet or online banking. All account holders do not have this facility as it is not activated by default. You need to visit your bank to activate the service on your account. For gambling, you can refer to it as an instant bank casino because it allows you to do instant online transactions for your respective casino.

Why Prefer NetBanking for Online Casino?

Since its emergence, Net Banking is the preferable platform for payments, and now it is becoming popular in casinos too. Not only does this method save your time, but it also allows you to do transactions 24/7. This gives you uninterrupted casino gameplay anytime during the day or night. Whether you are playing casino games on mobile or tablet or desktop, you can easily make payments via NetBanking from any device with an internet facility. All you need to do is pick your preferred casino that supports this instant bank casino, and you are good to start gambling at the casino.

NetBanking Features

When you are using NetBanking for playing at online casinos, you must know the amazing features of using this payment method.

  • You can access both financial and non-financial services of banking with NetBanking.
  • While making payments at the casino, you must be aware of the balance in your account, and NetBanking helps you check it easily. Go through your account statement online.
  • Fund Transfers to your online casino account is easy with the secure and safe banking method.
  • Your bank account access is protected as you have a unique ID, password to access it through NetBanking.
  • NetBanking also allows you to set up recurring payments for uninterrupted gameplay.

You can transfer funds to your casino account, or to any other account, or to pay utility bills. Moreover, if your internet pack is about to expire, you can even recharge it via NetBanking.

Different Financial Transactions with NetBanking

NetBanking allows you to do various types of online transactions.

NEFT: National Electronic Fund Transfer is the payment method where you can transfer funds from your bank account to another person’s account in any bank or branch within the country. It is available 24 by 7 but restricted at the bank branch. Usually, it takes only 30 minutes to complete the transaction, but sometimes it can stretch to 2 to 3 hours.

RTGS: Real-Time Gross Settlement settles fund transfers on order by order basis to ensure that the receiver gets payment immediately. RBI tracks RTGS payments, so the transfer, once done successfully, is irreversible. Usually, this is used for transferring large amounts. You can transfer amounts with RTGS 24 by 7, but the minimum amount should be 2 lakhs. However, there is no restriction for the maximum amount. 

IMPS: Immediate Payment System, as the name suggests, this payment mode transfer funds 24 by 7 instantly in real times via internet, mobile, and even through ATM. This inexpensive mode does not require the IFSC code or account number. You can transfer funds easily if you know the beneficiary’s mobile number.  ECS: Electronic Clearing Systemis used to do transactions like utility-bill-payments, electricity bills, telephone bills, card payments, insurance, and loan repayments. 

Is NetBanking Online Casino Safe and How to Play There?

Yes, as NetBanking is the safest mode of transaction, so the licensed casinos offering it as the payment mode are also safe to play. Banks even send you the unique code to assure that the account owner is making the transaction. 

Select the top casino that offers the best and authorized services and is regulated by the top governing bodies. Once you made this selection, you are rest assured that your payments made through NetBanking are always safe. If you have any queries, it would always be better to contact the casino online support team regarding your queries. 

Playing at the instant bank casino is very easy. Create your account once you find the best online casino that offers the fully approved services with the NetBanking payment method. Make your first payment with the safest NetBanking mode, and you are all set to make your first bet. 

Some of the top Indian banks that casinos support for NetBanking are:

However, if you do not find your bank in the list provided by the casino, try some other good casino that supports NetBanking payments from your bank. 

How NetBanking Works?

You now know what NetBanking is, and why it is safe, so let us move on the important part and learn how it works.

You can even visit your bank, and they can provide you with the email id and password for instant bank casino. But if your bank allows registering for NetBanking online on your own, then here are the detailed steps for you.

NetBanking Online Registration

If your bank permits and you wish to register for NetBanking on own, then follow these steps. Though the placement of icons can vary from one bank to another, usually, the process remains the same.

  1. Step 1

    Log in to your respective bank website to register at online banking. Click on “New Registration.” Here if you previously have your user id and password, then activate it by clicking on the “activate” option.
    Netbanking Registration

  2. Step 2

    You can be redirected to the terms and conditions page. Go through them and click on “I Agree” to proceed.

  3. Step 3

    Now fill the required details like your card no, the mobile number registered with your bank account, customer id, and other details. These details may vary from one bank to another. Once you fill all the details, click on “Submit” or “I Agree,” whichever option is available to submit your form.
    Netbanking registration

  4. Step 4

    After the submission of your required details, you will get a one-time password (OTP) on your provided registered mobile number.

  5. Step 5

    Enter the OTP and click on “Submit.” If you did not get the OTP, you could regenerate OTP from the given button else you can wait for the OTP. Sometimes it can take some minutes to receive the OTP.

  6. Step 6

    Enter your password that you want to set for the NetBanking and submit it. Enter password

  7. Step 7

    One successful registration, you will see the user id on your screen.

  8. Step 8

    Now log in to your account by entering the user id and password. After entering your profile, you can change your password. We recommend you to keep changing it at regular intervals for optimum security.

Deposit with NetBanking Online Casino

Various casinos accept payment through NetBanking. As you can play anytime at the online casino, so to make a deposit, you will use the IMPS method that allows you to make a deposit instantly. To make a deposit, just follow the below steps:

  1. Login or register at your preferred casino and move to the deposits section. Click on deposit and enter the amount that you wish to add. Now select “NetBanking” as your payment method. 
  2. Now select the bank with which you have your NetBanking account and enter your login details for that bank. Select the account where (online casino) you need to pay and click on “Submit.”
  3. Enter the OTP and once the payment is successful, visit your casino deposit page. You will see a deposit message. Now you can play or start betting on your favorite game and have fun.
Netbanking online casinos

Note: Usually, banks won’t charge you any deposit or transfer fee and the processing time is also instant. But casinos have their own deposit limits. So before making a deposit, it would be better to cross-check with the respective casino about the set maximum and minimum deposit limit. 

Withdrawals through NetBanking Online Casino

The withdrawal process here is as easy as the depositing money to your casino account via NetBanking. Here are the steps for you.

  1. Log in to the casino site, and reach the banking section, select NetBanking as your withdrawal option. 
  2. Enter the necessary details that the casino requires to verify your identity for a safe transaction. Now enter the required amount that you wish to withdraw and submit. 
  3. SYour request will be processed, and you will receive the required amount within the set time-period as conveyed to you by the bank. It may be 24 to 48 hours.

The NetBanking withdrawal method is the safest and can take some time just to authenticate your details to prevent any fraudulent activity. 

Pros and Cons of NetBanking

There are various pros and a few cons of using NetBanking as the payment method.

  • Availability: Round the clock availability of the NetBanking services allows you to transfer funds and check the account balance anytime from anywhere. Non-restricted timings of the payment methods permit you to play and enjoy gambling whenever you feel like doing so. 
  • Convenience: The convenience of making a transaction with one click from the comfort of your place is unmatchable. From transferring funds to paying bills and keeping your device internet pack updated for uninterrupted play, you can use NetBanking for all types of transactions. As a registered user, you can do all types of transactions without taking a step. This saves your valuable time of standing in long queues, and you can utilize this time for other important chores or for entertaining yourself by playing online casino games.
  • Keep Track of Transactions: Though the best casinos offer responsible gaming, you need to keep track of your transactions.In the absence of it, there is a possibility of losing a huge sum by gambling at the casino. But online transactions are recorded, and you get proof of a transaction for future reference. It gives you complete detail about the account number, payee name, the amount that you pay with the date and time of transaction. Such details help you to refer them in the future for any confusion.  
  • Quick and Easy to Operate: NetBanking is easy to operate, and the transaction here takes only a few minutes to complete. However, setting a NetBanking account is also easy on this user-friendly platform. Not only your financial transactions, but the non-financial services are also accessible easily. From checking balance to viewing account statements and various other services, you get all here. Moreover, all the transactions here are completely secure with the unique ID and password.

You have read various pros of using NetBanking. Now learn some of the cons of NetBanking. If we say precautionary measures in place of cons, that won’t be wrong either. Go through them as not taking these precautions can result in huge losses sometimes. 

  • Strong Internet Connection: For playing at the online casino, you require a strong connection. In the same manner, NetBanking also requires excellent internet connectivity. In the absence of it, neither you can play at the casino nor access banking services through NetBanking. 
  • Secure Password: Whether it is a casino account or your NetBanking account, you require a secure password it. Your password has a key role in keeping your account secure. So while setting the password, you need to ensure it is a strong one for your account, and it should not be shared with anyone. This is necessary for preventing any fraudulent activity. However, it is better if you change your account password frequently to avoid any theft or fraudulent activity. Where changing password keeps the account secure, remembering a password can become a hassle for some. 

Final Words

When you love playing at the online casino, you need to do transactions for making deposits and withdrawals. You need to ensure that your online payment mode is safe and secure. In this post, we have discussed NetBanking, how it works, and how it keeps your transactions secure. So adopt this payment method to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with safe and secure payments.We hope you can use NetBanking online casino effortlessly now.

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