Martingale Roulette Strategy

Martingale Strategy

All serious gamblers have their strategies and methods that work, or don’t work in some cases, for them. This article is going to be for those who specifically enjoy playing roulette, or maybe for those who have not played, but are interested. Either way, let’s take a look at a roulette strategy called the Martingale Strategy.

How To Use The Martingale Strategy

Despite its big name, the Martingale Strategy is surprisingly easy to implement. Basically, every time a player loses a round in an even money game, he will double the next bet.
The plan is to win enough to make up for the loss just suffered, plus have a profit. When the loss is recovered, the player goes back to betting the original amount, and continues repeating the process.

Does the Martingale Strategy Work?

With some luck, the Martingale Strategy can work for a period of time. In theory, a player should be able to play for a long time with this strategy, as each loss will be recovered fairly quickly.

However, the problem occurs when several losses happen in a row. Players quickly find themselves without enough money to place the maximum bet it would then take to recover.

The overall conclusion from experienced gamblers is that even though the Martingale can lead to winning most of the time, a devastating loss is somewhere in the future. The strategy is not recommended as an overall winning system.

The Straight-Up Martingale Strategy

This version of the Martingale is used on inside, straight bets instead of even money bets. This time the player will look at the payout for a winning bet, and bet the house minimum on a number of their choice. They keep betting a number until they win, putting them up by the number of units for the payout.

This allows the player to keep betting the minimum for the number of units they have won. Unfortunately, if the wins do not come in time, the player can lose everything and be forced to up bets to try to recover.

If a player is fortunate enough to have an early win, and quits while they are ahead, the strategy can be seen as successful. Knowing when to quit before the money runs out is a much needed skill with this version of the strategy.

The Grand Martingale

Since the Martingale is considered to be a risky betting method, some gamblers have sought to correct its basic flaws with the Grand Martingale. Using the Grand Martingale, a player doesn’t double a losing bet, but doubles plus some. Following a loss, the player might even triple the bet. Of course, the hope is to recover quickly.

Unfortunately, the reality seems to be that the Grand Martingale just loses money for the player faster than either of the other versions. Again, winning streaks are possible, and thus the lure. However, the house maximum comes up faster, and players are ever closer to the big loss.

Recap and Conclusions

  • The Martingale Strategy of doubling the bet after a loss will provide wins, but a losing streak will wipe out any progress.
  • The Straight-Up Martingale Strategy can allow players to play the odds and get ahead. However, if the win doesn’t come early, and the player doesn’t stop in time, the ultimate loss will occur.
  • The Grand Martingale is the most daring of all the versions. Winning streaks that occur early in the game can be exciting, but the house maximum and the big loss are closer than ever when the stakes are higher.
  • Finally, no matter which version of the Martingale a player chooses, the longer the strategy is played, the greater the chances of the game-ending losing streak.

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