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Baccarat Trends Mirror Derivatives Binary Trading Strategies

Discerning Baccarat trends can help you profit from the game. Wall Street bank technical analysis can be useful in predicting Baccarat shoe trends. Baccarat games and stock price movements can both be listed under the umbrella concept of a derivative.

Online Baccarat results can be better predicted after you have identified the prevailing trend. Successful gamblers gain edges by observation and analysis. Now, you can learn 4 successful online Baccarat strategies that mirror successful derivatives binary trading strategies.

Predicting Outcomes Using Trends Analysis

Many successful gamblers are experts at odds, statistics and mathematics. They can tell you the chances that a face card will be revealed. Then, they make their bets accordingly.

Successful Baccarat players mirror the “Shoe Trend.” So, which sorts of shoe trends should people look for? When gamblers can identify shoe trends, they can increase their odds of winning.

Gamblers can determine whether it is wiser to bet on the Player or Banker. Also, they can determine if they should increase or decrease their bets.

We will explore 4 of these successful online Baccarat strategies that are based on statistical trends analysis. These have worked for the Wall Street bankers, who have record profits. Now, they can work for you.

1. Teeter Totter

Those who remember the child’s teeter-totter understand that one child goes up; then, the other child goes up. This see-saw goes back and forth.

The Teeter Totter Baccarat Trend involves a back and forth between the Banker and Player. One wins, then the other wins. This includes first and second line outcomes.

Live to fight another day.

You need to give yourself a little time to observe developing patterns. With technical analysis, you don’t need to explain Why – you are simply identifying What is happening.

The wise hedge fund trader and gambler, live to fight another day. The successful Baccarat player will want to make a higher bet based on successful trend prediction. In the back of his mind, he must think of the “risk of ruin.”

2. Let It Ride

Have you ever taken part in a March Madness pool where 99 out of 100 gamblers spend the entire year collecting statistics on players, games and RPI. Then, the one guy’s girlfriend who has no clue about how to play basketball ends up winning the pool? That is what you call luck.

Sometimes, Lady Luck dominates and nobody can explain why. The National Hockey League 2017 – 2018 season is a great example when the first year expansion team Las Vegas Golden Knights made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. You can’t predict luck.

I would rather be lucky, than good.

Perhaps, someone has great karma. They might have done some good deeds and is finally be compensated therefore. At this time, you might as well “Let It Ride.”

You are hoping to benefit from the same good karma as others. It is similar to a bull market. You can’t explain the fundamentals, but the stock prices continue to rise.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Certain bouts of good luck, good fortune or good karma can benefit everyone. The same is true for the game of Baccarat. In some ways, the Let It Ride Baccarat Strategy is counter-intuitive – you can’t explain it, but there it is.

This might involve either the Banker or Player winning several games in a row. This is a dominant Baccarat strategy, occurring more than others do.

3. Reversion to the Mean

Las Vegas bookies make a lot of money by understanding the Reversion to the Mean Concept. A good example is the National Football League (NFL). Why are average NFL quarterbacks playing well, treated like they are still average?

If an average NFL quarterback is playing really well, experienced Las Vegas wise guys might still bet against him. Why? Las Vegas believes that the trend for an average NFL quarterback playing well is abnormal. Therefore, this average player is bound to return to earth with a disappointing performance.

Everything that goes up, must fall down.

Those who are good, will continue to be good. Those who are sub-standard, will remain sub-standard. A Reversion to the Mean Concept could also be exemplified by your body temperature.

The mean body temperature is between 97.7 and 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is hot outside, then you sweat. Your perspiration lowers your body temperature to the mean. Your normal optimum body temperature is the point of equilibrium.

Water seeks its own level.

The same is true for economics supply and demand. If oranges are in high demand, the price will increase. This will cause more production.

Eventually, the demand will be reduced with higher prices and higher supply. In the long run, the orange price will find its equilibrium once again. Peaks and valleys don’t last long – they tend to be seen as temporary under the Reversion to the Mean Baccarat Strategy.

4. Zombie

The Walking Dead Show exemplifies the zombie mentality. You know that the zombies are out there. You don’t know when they will arrive and neither do they, but they will arrive.

Zombies don’t think, they don’t grow and they’re not alive. Some trends are impossible to discern. They fluctuate dramatically, there is high volatility.

Some states have volatile weather. It might be 90 degrees in the morning and 50 degrees in the evening. Deserts, like Arizona have these dramatic temperature variations.

Arizona temperatures would be an example of high volatility. For our sake, we put it under the zombie moniker. Zombies are not rational, logical or sensible. And, sometimes the Baccarat trend also lacks any discernible patterns.

The Zombie Baccarat Strategy is like when you are in an airplane and they tell you to stay in a “holding pattern” until a runway opens up. You are stuck. Don’t bet too much, keep your gunpowder dry.

During the Zombie Baccarat Trend, you need to develop a defensive strategy. Consider stop losses. You want to preserve your stack until a better pattern emerges.

Develop Trend Betting Strategy

Baccarat shoe trends will only follow a few discernible patterns. Here are four of the most successful online Baccarat strategies that mirror derivatives binary trading strategies:

  1. Teeter Totter
  2. Let It Ride
  3. Reversion to the Mean
  4. Zombie

What you need to do is develop a strategy to profit from each shoe trend. Plan out your strategy ahead of time. Then, look for the proper shoe trend to develop.

Once the Baccarat shoe trend has emerged, wait for confirmation. Then, bet accordingly. If the Teeter Totter Baccarat Trend is occurring where it goes back and forth between the Player and Banker winning, then simply bet on the opposite side that won previously.

If the Banker keeps winning, then the Let It Ride Trend is occurring. Stick with the Banker and make your money. Practice makes perfect.

Successful Baccarat betting is about gaining an advantage. By identifying shoe trends, you give yourself an advantage. Identify the trend and bet accordingly to make ample profits from online Baccarat.

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