Lightning Roulette Review – Light up Your Live Casino and Win Extra

Lighting Roulette by Evolution Gaming has a reputation for offering a live casino gaming experience that is different from those offered by other roulette games. In addition to offering a special gaming experience, it features stunning visuals and captivating sound effects.

The Lighting Roulette is characterized by a live dealer, roulette bets, and a live wheel. This casino game differs from others because it has 1 to 5 numbers that are generated randomly. Players are free to bet on any of these numbers in every game round. This way, their likelihood of having extra winnings increases. Are you interested in enjoying what this game has to offer? Read on.

Evolution Live Lightning Roulette Overview and Rules

Lighting Roulette is a live roulette game that is dependent on European Live Roulette. It features the regular roulette wheel which comes with red and black numbers. These numbers are from 1 -36. In addition to this is a zero pocket. 

Also, you are free to bet on the complete roulette bets range just as you would place a bet in European Live Roulette. This game differs because Evolution Gaming has lucky numbers that are randomly generated, as well as lucky payouts to each round of every game. It comes with multipliers that range from 50x to 500x.

Lightning Roulette Bets

Players are free to make their bets. However, other things like the number of lucky payouts, the lucky numbers, and the number of 1 to 5 lucky numbers get generated randomly. Every lucky number releases payment to a single lucky payout that ranges from 50:1 and 500:1 whenever the ball ends up on a lucky number, as well as if the player decides to make a straight bet on such number. Bets that are non-multiplied give a payment of 30:1. Other bets, however, like corners, splits, dozens, and red/black release the same amount as standard roulette.

Evolution Live Lightning Roulette Platform Ease of Use

Anyone that has taken part in live games organized by Evolution Gaming will not have to struggle to use its platform. This is because all its live games have platforms that are basically the same. There are no difficulties associated with using the live platform. All the details you need to successfully play a game are displayed clearly. The bottom end of the screen features a racetrack provided for special bets. Additionally, it shows the regular layout and is a dedicated betting area.

Although this platform is associated with very good HD quality, you might not be able to enjoy all that it offers if you are using a weak internet connection. This is because you will need to reduce its quality when your internet connection is not exactly strong. When on this platform, manipulation of sound is allowed. You are also free to alter the camera angle. Additionally, you will locate a help section, as well as a history menu. In this help section, you can find details about payouts, types of bets, and the rules governing games.



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