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There is a new game that has recently been released by Play'n GO. For players that are into Roulette, but are getting bored of the same old, Super Wheel might be the game to play. This live casino game is now available at many of the online live casinos around the world.

Learning How It's Played

Super Wheel is a relatively new game that is going to give the players one of several options for placing their bets. Even though this game does have a lot of similarities with Roulette in terms of looks, it really is easier to play than that. Players will be able to choose from 1, 3, 5, 11, and 23, as well as the Golden Horseshoe and Golden Clover.

Players will see that the design of the game has a thrilling feel to it, with looks that are to die for. The 3D style game will give the players a new perspective. Players will find that they at the head of the table. This is different from most Roulette games where players would normally be playing from above. Players will actually be able to see the wheel spin in front of their eyes. Of course, the wheel of this game is going to be separated into 52 sections and there are different values for each one.


Placing Bets On Super Wheel

When players are placing their bets on the number or symbol that they have chosen, they will find that there are betting options presented to them on the table in front of them. Every number and symbol that players see is going to have their own unique payout odds. Players will be able to pick from bets of 1, 5, 10, 25, or 100 chips for each spin. The players will be able to win as much as 47:1 with the higher paying symbols.

Play'n GO

Play'n GO is known for making games that are very detailed, fun to play, and unique. The team behind the company has the expertise, know-how, and passion for games that help in making sure that players are always getting the best of the best in terms of quality with their games.

Play'n GO was founded by people who wanted to create better games for the future. They wanted to shape the next generations with their unique slots, and they really have done a great job so far. They have created loads of games, more than anyone could possibly count, for companies and casinos all around the globe. Their name is known very well, and they are continuing to shape the way the gaming market runs.

Their team is full of individuals who are imaginative and technical, and they only recruit those who are will to make big impressions on the gaming industry. They want to keep making players happy, and to do that they have to make sure that their team is the best. That is why they are the leader in the gaming industry, and why they will continue to be the best for many years to come.



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