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Online casinos are a global phenomena. There may be as many 25,000 licensed online casinos, as compared to a fraction of that amount in physical casinos. Las Vegas, perhaps the city with the reputation of being the gambling capital of the world, has only about 104 casinos.

While it is attractive to order a pizza, pop open a beer and fire up your computer to gamble online, perhaps the number one complaint that online gamblers have when compared to going to a large casino, is that they miss the physical excitement of live games such as poker, blackjack or baccarat. No doubt, sitting across from a physical dealer, shuffling the cards and dealing blackjack to you, far exceeds the sensory experience of seeing a computer virtually dealing the cards.

At least one company, Evolution Gaming, has significantly shrunk the gap between going to a casino and merely watching a computer deal the cards, by having their games dealt with actual dealers and then live-streamed over the internet.

With studios in Latvia, Canada, and Malta, Evolution Gaming does not actually run their own, online casinos, but instead, serves as a broadcaster for online casinos to show their customers.

Using multiple cameras, just like a television studio would, Evolution Gaming thus shows a real dealer, with all their smiles and emotions, dealing real blackjack, or baccarat hands, or managing an online version of Texas Hold-em, to gamblers.

Besides the added excitement this live casino broadcasting provides, an additional benefit of those employing Evolution Gaming is that they can customize and provide dealers speaking different languages. No longer is English the only language dealers speak in. An online casino hiring Evolution Gaming can request dealers to speak in Russian, Spanish or Chinese.


What kind of games does Evolution Gaming provide

Evolution Gaming offers broadcasts of blackjack, baccarat, hold-em poker, sports betting on soccer, and even unique games such as an almost instant version of Monopoly, Dragon Poker, and even money wheels.

Another unique thing about Evolution Gaming is that they have adopted many games, including side bets so that a single game can start and stop in as little as 25-seconds. Casinos using Evolution’s broadcast service can offer real excitement that comes closer than ever to matching the excitement of traveling to Vegas or Macau.

Unique branding opportunities

Evolution Gaming also offers online casino’s the opportunity to have dedicated gaming tables with their own brands and logos, rather than just a generic broadcast.

Integration into an existing online casino

Finally, Evolution Gaming has invested heavily in computer software, enabling an existing online casino to offer a mix of their own, computer-generated games such slot machines, with Evolution Gaming’s live casino broadcasts. They also offer funds transfer software, making the job of establishing customer accounts easier.

Online gaming approaching 4 billion per month

Online casinos continue to grow rapidly, with estimates that current revenues approach nearly four billion dollars per month worldwide. Evolution Gaming aims to be at the forefront of that movement by providing the most exciting gaming online a person may experience.

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