How and Where to Bet on eSports?

The growth of electronic sports, better known as eSports, has been remarkable in recent years. They have become a trend all over the world, and video games have always been very attractive, especially for young people. As they have become a competition in the image and likeness of traditional sports, it is logical that the possibility of making predictions has appeared. 

On Casinoble, we’ll explain to you how to bet on eSports in sports betting sites and Online Casinos, a modality that is becoming more and more popular and available in India in 2021.

How to Bet on eSports

eSports has emerged as a new sports discipline that has gained millions of users around the world. In the midst of the debate over whether or not esports is a sport, they have been growing tremendously and every day new leagues, teams and professionals emerge in this new discipline.

Origins of eSports

Many may think that eSports are something very new, but the reality is different. Although they have recently gained enormous popularity, the history of this discipline has been in the making for many years. 

South Korea was the first country to consider competing users of this discipline “athletes”. This emerged in the 90's and later the first official clubs, sponsorship contracts and television broadcasts began to emerge. 

Now gamers not only enjoy the thrill of playing these video games, but also many of them compete as athletes, undergo physical preparation, training and generation of individual or collective strategies.

Popularity of eSports

eSports have become a trend. An example of this is that they are already the third most prominent discipline in countries such as the United States of America, below globally recognized competitions such as Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL). They are currently on a par with the NBA in terms of spectators, something that few could have imagined a few years ago. eSports betting has had a lot to do with their growth.

There are now many bookmakers operating in various countries that feed the online gambling market with the most fascinating events of the discipline. eSports have reached the sports betting industry and have become a trend. More and more bookmakers are deciding to include this category in their range of options.

If you are an eSports lover, you will surely be very pleased to know that in addition to enjoying them you can bet money on certain events. And the fact is that bookmakers offer different markets for this discipline, some more than others.

The most relevant games on which you can bet on Esports are League of Legends (LoL), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Call of Duty (CoD). However, there are also other very popular games that are being developed little by little and that will probably soon come onto the scene with greater force.

The most popular of the eSports in the betting world is League of Legends and there are many bookmakers that offer markets for this modality. There are many bookmakers, but some have a much larger offer.



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