Hacks That Can Earn You Money in Online Casinos

Like it or not, hacks have made some mobile casino players rich. Even if hacks are not encouraged, as long as you are not committing a crime, it is your choice to use them or leave them. People have used different hacks to make money from land-based casinos.  But when it comes to online casinos, it is a different story.

Hacks are difficult to use in bitcoin casinos. The most common thing players do is to hack into the casino software. That is a crime, and we say no to it. However, there are some life hacks you can use that don't involve crime. Here we will share three with you.

Claim Welcome Bonuses Multiple Times

This is very easy. Don’t play with a live casino more than it is required to meet your wagering conditions. Go and look for another casino and claim another welcome bonus.

Many online casinos offer as much as 100% of your first deposit as a welcome bonus. If you get that every time you make a deposit, it will increase your chances of making profits from your gambling adventure.

Count Blackjack Cards in Live Dealership

Card counting is common when playing blackjack in brick and mortar casinos. Casino operators usually frown at it. But it is not a crime. If their rule says you mustn’t, then they will only stop you from playing.

When you play online, it is impossible to count cards. Online blackjack generates cards randomly. However, live blackjack online is very similar to the brick and mortar blackjack game. The dealer actually serves the card, and you can see her doing it. Therefore it is possible to count.

The only problem you are going to have here is that you need to know the number of decks the casino is using. Without that information, you may not be able to make accurate decisions from your card counting. Well, you can still guess. A casino will likely use between six and eight decks of cards.

Take Advantage of the Dealer’s Error

Dealers in land-based casinos and live dealerships are humans. Hence, they can make mistakes. If the dealer makes a mistake that is against you, then send a complaint to the casino. It will be corrected, and you will get your money back. But if the mistake is in your favor, just keep quiet.

The problem here is that dealers are professionals and hardly make mistakes. If you are waiting for the day, the dealer will make an error; then, you might wait forever. However, you can distract them.

Many players have used different strategists to distract dealers in land-based casinos. Unfortunately, it is not easy to distract the dealer in live dealership, but it is possible. The only way you can communicate with a dealer in an online casino live games is through your comments. Therefore, send comments that can distract even professionals.



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