Ezugi Bet on Numbers Review

When it has to do with live casino games, roulette and blackjack are the casino staples that most people enjoy playing most. But to test one's luck on digits isn't limited to just spinning wheels and flipping cards. Ezugi provides another way of having fun with live dealer games, and you can include it in your favorites. 

It is called Bet on Numbers, and they got the inspiration for this game from online lotteries. In this casino game, you'll have to choose lucky numbers, thereby getting a chance to have a big win. In this Bet on Numbers review, we will tell you all you need to know about it.

Ezugi Bet on Numbers Graphics and Sounds

The quality of the video is a necessity when choosing a mobile casino live dealer game. It's necessary for gamers to know what's happening on the live dealer's side as much as they want. If not, it could cause the immersion of a player to break down.

Luckily, Ezugi is one of the best when it comes to live video streaming. This game is scheduled for broadcast 24/7, giving you the chance to access it anytime you want. You can also see the figures the machine chooses easily, all thanks to the HD video quality of the game. Because of this, you can make sure that each draw's results come in apparent. 

Ezugi Bet on Numbers Gameplay

Playing a game that has to do with Numbers is like playing Lotto. You'll need to wager on the drew's result. Betting on numbers makes use of 49 red and white balls, and each is uniquely numbered from 1-49 on each draw. It would be best if you placed a bet to play the game initially. You get the chance to pick from 3 betting categories, which are Bets on Sums, Bets on Colors, and Bets on Numbers. There is a further division of these groups into individual bets. 

Bets on Numbers: Why You Should Play

You shouldn't be confused because of the game's title; with this category of betting, you can wager on these outcomes:

  • The chosen number won't show
  • The chosen number will show
  • Four chosen numbers will show
  • There chosen numbers will show
  • Two chosen numbers will show

Different multiplayer are awarded for every of the betting options stated above. If 4 of your chosen numbers are shown during the draw, you'll get the maximum payout of 2000× your stake.

Bets on Colors

In this Betting category, we have the color of the balls used in the draw. Players can bet on the options which follow:

  • All whites
  • All reds
  • The initial three balls you draw are of similar colors
  • The initial two balls you draw are red
  • The initial ball you draw is red.

In this category, the maximum payout is 60× your bet. Get the chance to win this when you bet on the initial three balls to be drawn are of similar colors.

Bets on Sums

In this category, you'll be shown either the value of the drawn balls' addition is more than a figure or not. These are the options with which you can bet:

  • The addition of the balls drawn is more than 65
  • The addition of the balls drawn is more than 170
  • The addition of the balls drawn is more than 155
  • The addition of the balls drawn is less than 135
  • The addition of the balls drawn is less than 120

Same as the Betting categories stated above, there are different payouts offered by the bet options on Bets on Sums, and they range from 2x to 4x multipliers.

As soon as you place your bets, the live draw will begin. The pro dealers will choose 5 balls, and the winners will get their rewards accordingly.



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