Casino Hotspots on Social Media | 5 Most Popular Casinos

How many followers do the Casino de Monte Carlo and famous casinos in Las Vegas have on Instagram? How many likes does a photo from the biggest casino in the world get? We searched for the most popular casino hashtags on the social media platform. We found the five most popular Instagram casino locations worldwide.

Instagrammers are constantly looking for new photo motifs and backdrops for portraits, selfies, and the like. The more impressive the motif, the more likes it gets. Therefore, it is not surprising that casinos from the gambling metropolis of Las Vegas, gigantic complexes from Macau, and European casinos in impressive, historic buildings are among the popular photo motifs on the social app.

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#1 Bellagio Casino | Pure Luxury

Bellagio Las Vegas, part of the famous MGM Resorts International group, is one of the most famous hotels and casino complexes globally and one of the most luxurious strongholds on the legendary Las Vegas Strip.

The imposing building has become famous from the movie Ocean's Eleven and its sequels with actors George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts even in the cinema worldwide.

The classy Bellagio Casino is the #1 most popular casino on Instagram, with over 323 thousand subscribers on its official profile, @bellagio. There are close to 150 thousand posts with the tags #bellagiolasvegas and #bellagiocasino.

#2 ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas | #HowWeVegas

The luxury complex ARIA Resort & Casino is another Instagram favorite in Las Vegas. It is also part of the giant MGM Resorts company. The casino hosts some of the most prestigious poker tournaments globally. Such as the Super High Roller Bowl and the US Poker Open.

The Aria Resort & Casino Instagram profile @arialv boasts over 173 thousand followers and nearly 12,000 posts with #ariacasino and more than 5,000 with #howwevegas. A popular backdrop for Instagram photos is the flower-covered wall at CATCH Las Vegas. The associated luxury restaurant from the Aria complex.

#3 The Casino de Monte Carlo | For the Rich and Beautiful

The Principality of Monaco stands for wealth and luxury. The most expensive and exclusive cars drive through the streets here. Traditionally, the noblest luxury cars are parked in front of the Casino de Monte Carlo. In front of the impressive building, this results in extravagant photo motifs that enrich the Instagram collection.

The official Instagram account of the Casino de Monte Carlo, @casinosmontecarlo, has 40.9 thousand subscribers. Via the tags #CasinoMonteCarlo and #MyMonteCarlo, a total of over 150,000 posts have already been shared.

#4 The Red Rock Casino Las Vegas | View of the Canyon 

Las Vegas, Nevada, in the USA, is the world's largest stronghold for entertainment, luxury, and gambling. Here you will find the noblest hotel and casino complexes. Therefore, it is not surprising that another Vegas casino makes it to the top list of the most popular Instagram casinos, namely Red Rock Casino.

The casino is named after the nearby Red Rock Canyon. It is very popular on Instagram with the official account @redrockcasino. 36.9 thousand subscribers show this, and more than 22,000 shared posts with the keyword #redrockcasino.

#5 The Venetian Macao in China | The Largest Casino in the World

With over 50,000 square meters of space, it is the largest casino globally. Combined with the gigantic hotel and entertainment complex, the Venetian Macao in China is one of the most exclusive destinations for tourists from all over the world.

The majestic buildings and the style of the complex, inspired by the water canals in Venice, also lend themselves as fabulous backdrops for top-notch Instagram posts. The official profile, @thevenetianmacao, counts over 10.8 thousand followers, and hashtags like #venetianmacau or #venetiancasino come to around 70,000 posts.



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