Betting More with Online Casinos – Why Is it Beneficial?

When losing or winning in a bet in online casinos, the urge to stake more always crop up; what are you supposed to do with the urge? Find out as you read on.

Nobody bets to lose; when a player stakes his money in a bet, he is optimistic about winning. However, it would be best if you never take risks beyond what your bankroll can bear. If betting huge wouldn't hurt your bankroll, then you can go for bigger stakes due to these reasons.

More Wins on Stake Based Bets

Before now, online slots used to offer progressive jackpots. But today, even though the same jackpots and casino games are available to bet on today, most of them are Stake based. This means the payout is dependent on the initial amount staked by the player.

For example, if you staked 2$ per spin at the beginning of the game and the maximum payout if the game is 10,000. Then the maximum price you can win per spin is a multiple of your stake amount and maximum payout, i.e., $2×10,000=20,000$. Your maximum payout is 20,000$ per spin.

The chances are that luck could smile on you, but you will be limited to your initial staked amount. To win bigger, you need bigger bets.

Multiply Your Small Wins

In slot games, the wins are usually small, somewhere between 1x to 5x your Stake. There are chances that you will win some. But if your Stake per spin is around 0.01 and 0.05$, your winnings will not be rewarding enough.

Therefore, if you stake more, you will cashout more when you win. This way, you will move from an insignificant payout to amazing rewards. For example, say you risked 2$per spin, you get a 10x payout, your reward will be 10$. This is far better than some winning a few cents.

Stand a Better Chance at Winning a Jackpot

Many Jackpot slots give high bettors a better chance at winning than those who staked a smaller amount. An example is Microgaming Mega Moolah that allows players who stake over 0.25$ per spin the chance of winning a Jackpot. The odds of winning the jackpot increases as the player increases his wager.

Instead of risking too much in a progressive jackpot, you may decide to stake a good amount from the get-go.

It will help if you pay attention to the information screen to confirm if your staked amount affects your chance of winning a Jackpot.

Get More Thrills

Everyone bets for different reasons in live casinos. However, many bettors bet for the thrills they get from the game. The suspense and blood rush from betting is something many bettors are ready to sacrifice some penny for.

As we stated from the beginning, do not stake an amount of money that you cannot bear losing. Betting is fun and rewarding if when you win. If betting a big amount won't affect you, then you can take the chance.



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